This activity will be a full class discussion. It must be completed by 11:59 pm Sunday of Week 4.

This activity will be a full class discussion. It must be completed by 11:59 pm Sunday of Week 4.

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  1. Review the concepts of standardization, reliability, and validity in your textbook.
  2. Think about these these questions:
    • It has been stated that intelligence tests are reliable but not valid. Can you explain what this statement means?
    • Psychological tests are diagnostic tools. What does this statement mean and how do you approach test results?
  3. Create a written response answering these questions and post it in the Chapter 10- Reliability and Validity class forum as a new thread.
  4. Read the responses posted by others in the class. Post responses to at least four other student’s comments. Your responses should be respectful and given in the spirit of helping everyone learn. Read these General Discussion Ideas for ways to contribute to a helpful discussion.
    • Responses need to be substantive by asking questions and sharing your answer to the question, giving examples or counterexamples, etc. Responses that consist of only one statement of agreement or disagreement will not earn full credit. Responses that are completely off-topic will also not receive credit.
    • You will receive only partial credit if all your submissions are posted on the same date. This allows for more of a dialogue between students. When you post, others need to time to respond to that post.


This assignment will give you an opportunity to understand the difference between reliability and validity and apply what you’ve learned to understanding psychological testing.


This assignment is worth 20 points toward your course grade. I will grade your assignment on the completion of all 5 posts by Sunday of Week 4, the thoughtfulness of your posts, and on how well you apply what you have learned.