Things Fall Apart, Fence, Frederick Douglass), question help

If you have red these novels (Things Fall Apart, Fence,
Frederick Douglass
) you can answer these questions with short answers … 

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-There are three
societal positions for the Europeans, men and women. I used the circle diagram
to demonstrate these positions. You are just to name them and explain what they

-Things Fall Apart is a post-colonial text. Explain Achebe’s
justification for writing this text in response to European writings about
African people.

 –Obeirika is Okonkwo’s
foil. Okonkwo confronts Obeirika about why he did not go with them to kill
Ikemefuna. Discuss the incident and explain how they differ.

Ikemefuna can be
viewed as a Christ figure. Explain in detail whether you agree or disagree.

In Fences, Troy and Rose’s marriage is one
of convenience. List examples and provide page numbers to support this

In William Andrew’s
“An Introduction to the Slave Narrative,” he states that the slave narratives
went from and “eye” witness account to an “I” witness one. Discuss the contrast
if there is any.

Find and discuss the
heavenly imagery that Frederick Douglass use to describe Mistress Hugh