theology q a

Answer these in your own words.

1-Explain the difference between strict inerrancy and limited inerrancy, which are two theories for explaining God’s role in the writing of the Bible and what it communicates to us.

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2-Jesus’ first followers experienced God through Jesus so deeply that they began to conclude that Jesus himself was God, in some way. The textbook Theological Foundationsexplains that the evidence for this can be found in the New Testament themes of: Jesus as Lord, Jesus’ Emptying and Exaltation, and Jesus as Wisdom/Logos. Explain two of these themes and how they provide evidence of the early Christian experience of God in and through Jesus.

3-Explain the three views of the relationship between science and faith explained by John Haught: Conflict, Contrast, and Convergence.

4-What are some of the most important tools of biblical criticism (that is, the scholarly study of the Bible)? Why is biblical criticism important in the study of Christianity?