the Tragedy of King Richard the Second, Essay Writing help

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Read the Tragedy of King Richard the Second

The expectation is
that you will respond to one of the following questions with a posting of
approximately 2-3 paragraphs

your responses should be
specific and make reference to the text. In other words, since we’re learning
how to write literary responses in this class, it’s really important that
you support your ideas with passages, deatails and quotes from the
. Don’t just tell us why Bolingbroke is such and such a
character, support your ideas! 

Questions: (choose one
to respond to)

1. Describe Richard’s
concept of kingship in this play?

2. Is
Henry Bolingbroke honest about his intentions only to claim what is
his (i.e., his title as Duke of Lancaster)?

3. Select one of
Richard’s poetic speeches. Comment on the use of imagery in that passage.

4. What is the role of
the Bishop of Carlisle in this play?

Henry Bolingbroke, later King Henry IV, in the final scene both wishes
Richard II dead, but does not praise the one who killed him. Describe the
conflict that lies within Henry’s mind.