The Tragedy of King Richard II Essay, writing homework help

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The Tragedy of King Richard II Essay (2 pgs)

In Richard II, we meet one of several prophetic speeches in the play, In
Act 2, Scene 1, Lines 31-68 on pages 340-41, we have a highly significant
speech by John of Gaunt about England as a location, described as a garden.

Write a two-page (5 paragraph) essay which analyzes and comments on
Gaunt’s description of England as a garden AND which discusses at least 2 other
passages in the play that specifically relate to the concept of gardens and
nature. Finally, conclude your paper with a discussion of what Shakespeare is
trying to convey through his use of imagery.

Organizational Structure of the Essay

Include an Introduction paragraph that introduces the play (in a
2-3 sentences). Provide background and context for Gaunt’s speech in Act 2,
Scene 2. Write a strong, clear thesis (last sentence of the introduction
paragraph) that relates to the prompt (John of Gaunt describing England as a
garden, the concept of gardens throughout the play, and Shakespeare’s use of

Body Paragraphs- 

1 well-developed paragraph – analyzing this particular
speech and John of Gaunt’s description of England as a garden. Incorporate
direct quotes/lines from the play to support your point (with parenthetical
in-text citations). 

2 well-developed paragraphs that relate this speech to AT LEAST TWO other passages (one per paragraph) in the play that relate
to gardens or use vivid imagery related to nature. Incorporate direct
quotes/lines from the play to support your point (with parenthetical in-text

Conclusion paragraph – that discusses YOUR opinion (your own ideas
in your own words) about Shakespeare’s use of imagery. In your mind, what is he
trying to convey to the reader by using this type of imagery throughout the
play? How does it affect you as a reader? Incorporate direct quotes/lines from
the play to support your ideas (with parenthetical in-text citations).

paragraphs (two-pages), double-spaced, one inch margins on all four sides of
the page. It should include a heading with student’s name, date, and unit on
the top left of first page and a centered title. It should be typed in Times
Roman, 12 point font, and all paragraphs should be indented.

In order to provide support from the play,
be sure to cite lines from the play as direct quotes (include in-text citations
with Act, Scene, and Line). Include a Reference page with the textbook listed
as your source. The paper should be written in the third person point of view
(avoid the use of the first and second person in all formal writing assignments
for this course)

NOT cite outside websites or sources- this is a REFELCTION paper and should be
written in your own words. Be sure to make reference to particular scenes and
cite particular lines from the play. When you do so (even if you are only
referring to our textbook), you must cite them using APA in-text citations and
a reference page at the end.

For this assignment, you will review the
final research paper topics, expectations, and grading rubric (See Week/Unit 5
instructions and handouts in Course Materials). During this week, you will choose
your topic for the final paper and write a 1/2 page topic proposal for your
instructor’s approval. 

write a 1/2 page, double spaced, topic proposal that
includes the following: 

– topic choice selection (from the choices
provided) and discussion of why you chose that particular topic and why that
topic interests you

– how you have already researched this
topic for your rough draft (what databases in the Bethel Library did you use?
What were your search terms, etc…) 


Final Research
Paper Topic Proposal

student presents a ½
page topic proposal that includes a discussion of why this topic

was chosen and why it
interests the student

student includes a brief
discussion of how they have begun to research the topic i.e.,

which library databases have
been used? What kinds of sources/articles have been

located? What search terms
did the student employ?

the assignment is properly
formatted i.e., double-­spaced, 12-­point font and includes

the student’s
name, date, instructor and appropriate title

Possible Topic Choices:

  • A
    father/daughter relationship in one Shakespeare play
  • A
    father/son or mother/son relationship in one Shakespeare play
  • The
    role of magic in A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • The
    making of a good leader in one Shakespearean play
  • The
    failure of leadership in one Shakespearean play
  • The
    roles that a particular character serves in a play (e.g, Kent, Bottom,
  • The
    treatment of women in one or two plays (A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Richard
    II vs. Othello)
  • A
    character study on ONE character (Othello, King Lear, Edmund, Hermia,
    Helena, Richard II, Henry Bolingbroke, Miranda, Prospero)
  • Importance
    of setting to meaning (A Midsummer Night’s Dream; Othello)