The similarities between Black women writers political, racial, economic, religious, and sexual observations

The similarities between Black women writers’ political, racial, economic, religious, and sexual observations speak to a shared social consciousness that connects women of African descent despite their scattered locations across the African diaspora. For this paper, provide a literary analysis of Edwidge Danticat’s novel Krik? Krak! that uses two other texts (attached)discussed in order to show how Danticat’s observations about Black womanhood relate to other Black women writers’ observations. One of the texts you choose must be a non-literary piece, and the other must be a literary text besides Danticat’s novel. Use direct quotations and examples from the texts you discuss in making your points. No sources besides class texts will be necessary for this paper.

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the link below is to accesses the book krik?krak!

Use the book Krik?krak! And connect it to the them to the other text that you are using. The themes could be( Race, gender, and class)

Nonliterary text( Black feminist thoughts)

Literally text ( Cook essay)

Use these three text in order to write this paper,

Organize the paper around the themes that you are connecting between the stories.

Your introduction should have a general idea of the topic, including the thesis statement.

Then the body paragraphs, for example, when you talk about the first them which lets say is ( Race).

Start with a claim that there is a connection to what you choose, then provide evidence

Then analyze that by bringing the non-literally and making connections

And do that for the other body paragraphs

Make sure you bring direct sources form the

texts i have attached.

Strong conclusion.

It should be 6 pages.

It’s ok to use outside sources but not as a primary source.