“The Sentencing Process and the Problem of Prison”

  • From the first e-Activity, examine the extent to which the sentences
    the defendants in each case received were appropriate for the offenses
    they committed. Debate the degree to which corporal punishment is an
    effective form of sentencing when given in conjunction with a prison
    term. Provide support for your rationale.
  • From the second e-Activity, imagine you are a warden in prison, and
    you have been tasked with deciding the most appropriate way to allocate
    funds. Choose the one (1) issue that you would distribute the most
    resources toward in order to combat the findings from the Commission on
    Safety and Abuse in America’s Prison’s report on the United States’
    correctional system. Classify one (1) advantage and one (1) disadvantage
    to deciding to allocate the most resources toward the issue you have
    chosen. Provide support for your rationale.

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