the occasions unit is one week long it will culminate in a special occasion speech for an occasion of your choosing the main focus for this unit is speaking for real life situations most of which are celebratory

Occasion Speech Assignment

Choose one of the occasions we discussed in class (Practically Speaking, Chapter 17). Develop a speech for your chosen occasion. Although the class will be your audience, we don’t mind pretending, so if you want to give a speech that would be more appropriate in a different setting, just tell us, and we’ll play along. That being said, your speech should be appropriate for the classroom. If we can’t comprehend what you’re saying, your speech will be ineffective. Fit your speech to your occasion, but follow the constraints for your speech’s setting.

Remember: Even though you have already established your ethos, you should continue to build your positive credibility and reputation.

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Review the rubric while you are planning, preparing, and rehearsing. Be sure to cover all graded areas to earn the highest grade.