the movie Crimson Tide

The following are the requirements for your ‘virtual’ team assignment, the movie Crimson Tide.This movie is rated“R” due to the language only.If cursing offends you to the extent that you would prefer not to do this assignment, please let me know and I will make alternative arrangements.

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You are required to answer the following questions regarding the film and will also be expected to add other questions which correspond to discussion boards 1 through 4.

  1. Explain the different Leadership styles of Captain Ramsey and Lt. Commander Hunter (autocratic versus democratic, etc.)
  2. To what do you attribute these leadership differences? (Hint: age, experience, race, education, personalities, etc.).
  3. Identify and discuss several of the ethical issues/dilemmas that faced both Captain Ramsey and Lt. Commander Hunter.
  4. Discuss the presence and use of power bases that Captain Ramsey and Lt. Commander Hunter nurtured and utilized during the film.
  5. Should the Alabama have extended the radio buoy? Please explain why or why not.
  6. Suppose Vossler does NOT get the radio working and that Lt. Commander Hunter has control of the conn and the missile launch keys. What do you think Lt. Commander Hunter would do?
  7. If you were a member of the ship’s leadership team, who would you have followed, Captain Ramsey or Lt. Commander Hunter, and explain why. Feel free to take your overall analysis, observations, and insights in any direction you wish. Please keep on the theme of the application of the various leadership techniques, personality profiles, conflict resolution approaches, power bases, and overall use of power. Feel free to use examples of leadership (ethics-particularly with all of the turmoil in the world today). There is no doubt that ordinary people become extraordinary Leaders in time of crisis. Keep your team papers between 12 to 15 pages total but feel free to go a little longer if needed. Please use 1” margins and 12-point font.