the mona lisa

The Mona Lisa is
Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous painting. In fact, ‘she’ is the most
famous painting in the world. She is even considered to be the most
famous work of art in the world. Why do you think she’s become so famous? Do you think the original
painting has been enhanced or diminished by this change in status?
Explain how. Respond to this question. Your response should be
approximately 700 words.

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we were advised to read Becoming Mona Lisa (PDF attached) and read what we can on Leonardo da Vinci.

This essay should start with a brief description of the artwork,
in which you display your knowledge of vocabulary and concepts learned in this
semester where appropriate. You must include your own ideas in these
essays, arguing your case well. Please note that your paper must be entirely original – though
you will likely use sources, you will credit those sources. Assembling
together passages from web pages or books, cutting and pasting together a paper
from other people’s sources or writings is plagiarism and will be punished as
such, even if you footnote those sources.