The Foundations of Health Program Planning


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write a paper on health promotion program planning models, specifically the MAPP Hospital Community

Needs Assessments: An Interview with Patrick McMahon, CPA, MBA by Patrick McMahon in his


please use section headers.

The core attributes of the MAPP model

How it applies to the work you have done so far in analyzing your organization

How you envision incorporating core elements of MAPP into your policy plan/advocacy core assignment

(including in interviews you will conduct – or, if you cannot conduct interviews, the questions you would


This assignment should be 3 pages single-spaced, in APA Editorial Format with proper reference


Unit 6 Outcomes

Getting Down to Business: Models for Health Policy Planning

Program Learning Outcomes

PLO 2. Impact the health outcomes of communities from the use of data gained from the appraisal of

their essential services.

PLO 3. Create solutions for public health concerns found in diverse communities by assessing their major

environmental, social, behavioral, cultural, political, legal, and regulatory factors.

Course Learning Outcomes

CLO 4. Critically evaluate a specific policy, initiative, or program advanced by a community-based

healthcare/public health organization. (ties to PLO 2)

CLO 7. Articulate and assess the roles of diverse for-profit and nonprofit entities in partnering in,

developing, and executing community health promotion/education programs. (ties to PLO 3)

Module Learning Outcomes

MLO 6. Design and propose a comprehensive legislative/policy advocacy plan that incorporates the

findings of a program evaluation, stakeholder analysis, and community needs assessment, including a

means of evaluating the program’s outcome. (ties to CLO 4)

MLO 11. Analyze and differentiate examples of best-practice public-private partnerships in formulating

community health promotion/education programs. (ties to CLO 7)