The Five Pillars of Islam (1)

I don’t believe one certain religion is for all people. There are so many we have learned about that have been established from all parts of the world and has focuses on certain cultural aspects, such as Islam claim the Quran should be read in Arabic. I believe any commonalities of religions should be appreciated such as showing love to one another. Looking not at how cultures are different, we should look at the individuals in them. Everyone is capable of showing kindness and peace to each other. In some form, all religions have their own belief system but each has some human purpose be it be or small. Molloy (2013) states “because human actions are so important, they must be guided by a prescribed moral code that is meant to be internalized by the individual” (p. 15). I read this as the prescribed moral code is the religion the individual follows.

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With Islam being derived from the Arab culture, it’s legislative matter covers all aspects of human life: social, political, economic, and educational. It also claims the right way to practice the paths to good health, scientific progress and human relationships including family ties, matrimonial matters, and inheritance distribution (Sadiq, 2014).

Something that may hinder the outreach of the Islam religion is the Arabic language, if it is said the Qur’an should be read in that language to be fully understood. Plus, not everyone may agree with how they view relationships, law, and how woman are viewed. Within a culture that used to bury live female babies if unwanted would absolutely hinder any type of outreach even if this is no longer practiced.


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