the effects of president tramp politics on immigrants.

1. be written (i.e. typed) on the downloaded MLA Paper Template w References page from Canvas/Files/Paper Writing-General Information.

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2. rely on at least two sources and no more than four sources, to support the ideas presented.

  • One source can come from the class sources posted under Modules in Canvas, but may NOT be a source that has already been discussed in class.
  • The other source(s) must come from the student’s research. This source must be credible and current.

3. incorporate a minimum of one paraphrase (no quotes) with an in-text citation per page.

4. be written in third person.

5. use present tense, but may include past tense, depending on the details provided. (See more detailed description under Language Use in the Rubric.)

Student Learning Outcomes Addressed

The students will:

  • learn academic content knowledge and vocabulary in three content areas (Immigration, Consumption, and The Environment and Sustainability) and will demonstrate understanding of this knowledge by completing in-class activities and discussions, papers, and presentations.
  • produce a position paper. . .
  • learn how to locate and evaluate academic sources, organize their notes…
  • incorporate sources into . . .papers . . .using paraphrasing, summarizing, quoting, and appropriate citation methods.
  • incorporate academic language and grammar, discourse transitions, and appropriate register in both their research papers and academic presentations.