the city is Los Angeles. write 4 pages

I have attached the first paper I did and got ZERO but it has my prof’s comment. I will attach the readings.

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This is the instruction :

Please make sure you read the policy memo guidelines (I’ve attached ) instructions for detailed information about formatting, goals, and organization of a policy memo. This prompt provides you with the specific question, but it pairs with the guidelines on Canvas, which must be followed exactly.

Should there be electoral reform in your city? If so, what changes do you recommend? What would be the potential consequences of changes you might propose? Please concisely state the current electoral rules for your city and your proposed changes.

Some things you might consider:

  1. Current Electoral Rules
  2. What form of government is used in your city? (weak/strong mayor|Mayor/City Manager|Other)
  3. Descriptive and Substantive Representation
  4. Term limits
  5. Turnout of past elections (SOS or BOE may be helpful)
  6. Specific geography of districts or wards (if any), and how these correspond to key demographics
  7. The cost of elections in your city ((SOS or BOE may be helpful)
  8. How might coalitions/regimes help demand reform or maintain the status quo?
  9. How might civic organizations help demand reform or maintain the status quo?