The Child Call it

You must have or can get a copy of the book in order to do it.

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Social Work with Families and Children

Book Review

“A Child called It”

This is not a group assignment. Please complete it on your own.

Note: All components should be submitted in one Microsoft Word document; any other format will result in a failing grade.

Please provide answers to each question in essay format.

  • Based on the textbook, describe the type of parenting (Dave’s father and mother) noted in the book.
  • Select only one of the stages of development as described in the textbook and discuss the impact of inadequate parenting on this stage of developmentas it relates to Dave
  • Identify the subsystems in the family.Did Dave have a positive or negative relationship with his subsystem? explain
  • What negative and positive impact did the school have on Dave’s life.
  • What were the positive and negative impact other systems had on Dave’s life.
  • Utilizing chapter 9 of the textbook, describe the incidence of psychological treatment. (list the page # for each)
  • Why was Dave targeted as the victim of severe abuse and neglect?
  • List all of the indicators of abuse and neglect Dave experienced in a chart format: see example below
  • Based on the textbook, describe the factors that attributed to Dave’s resiliency and survival.
  • How has reading this book helped you personally and how has it helped your professional journey?
  • Should this book continue to be used in this course? Why or why not?

Neglect Indicator

Physical Indicator

Behavior indicators

Page #

Abuse Indicators

Physical Indicator

Behavior indicators

Page #