ten trillion and counting

You are required to watch this videos, it’s about 50 minutes long.

If the link gets broken, go to www.pbs.org and then click the programs tab on top and then choose “ Frontline” it’s in red and do a search for the video called Ten Trillion and Counting.

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Answer the following questions after watching the video.

1) What countries are we borrowing money from?

2) What will happen to our debt if entitlement programs such as (Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security) are not reformed?

3) Should the United States have a balanced budget amendment? Why or why not?

4) Is managing the debt the responsibility of the President solely or does Congress play a role?

5) What do you think of how the documentary was presented? Do you feel it presented information in a biased manner or balanced?

6) Any other thoughts or impressions about the video?