Synthesizing Perspectives in the Literature, assignment help

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Synthesizing Perspectives in
the Literature

For the Final Project for this
course, you will be required to complete a literature review. This week’s
assignment is a step towards that task, and the articles you locate for the
literature review will also be used for Applications in the next 2 weeks.

The Walden Dissertation Rubric
for Chapter 2 includes the following criteria as line item 9: “The review
is an integrated, critical essay on the most relevant and current published
knowledge on the topic. The review is organized around major ideas or

To prepare for this

Review the reading and media
segment for this week.

Search the Walden Library for
peer-reviewed journal articles published within the past 5 years. You will need
3 articles for this assignment and 15 for your Final Project literature review.

Of the articles you find,
select 3 for this assignment.

Briefly summarize each article.

Next, synthesize the articles
into one cohesive essay.

Create a reference list for the
articles you have found.

The assignment:

Craft a 5- to 6 page paper in
which you do the following:

o  Summarize 3 articles of your choosing.

o  Synthesize the 3 articles into a cohesive essay.

o  Include a reference list.