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Complete 1: 

Read the following two plays. Then,
select one of the plays to complete a map of this play. 
Read the two plays listed below:
° Zora Neal Hurston “Poker!”
° Arthur Miller “Death of a Salesman”

In 1-2 paragraphs, describe each of the following
parts of the play. Be sure to use specific details in your response along with
quotes to support your ideas. Also, be sure to properly cite (using page

° exposition
° rising action
° climax
° falling action
° conclusion (resolution)


Answer the following questions about the play:

° What do you think is the central-most conflict in
this play?
° Pick a character and describe that character’s movement. How is the
playwright staging him or her?
° Analyze the cultural and historical context of this play. What is this play’s
reality? In what ways does this play express its context? What was its
significance when it was first performed, and what is its significance now?

For each of the above, make sure you craft
a detailed, well-supported 1-2 paragraph response.