Summary of Psychology Journal Article

Find one psychology journal article, electronically, that was published within the last 25 years. The article must be empirical in nature and based on experimental research, meaning it reports an actual controlled experiment study involving the experimental group and the control group (within subject experiments will be fine, too), the author(s) did not a correlational or descriptive study, and not a case study. Do not use a literature review paper in which the author did theoretical analysis and reviewed other people’s work only. The article can be any topic of choice, as long as it is a psychology journal article (not article on website) reporting a study in the field of psychology.

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Paper should contain 1. a cover page (showing a heading and summary of the article ‘xxx”),

2. A bullet point list of facts: heading of the article, the author(s) of the article, the name of journal/publication, the year of the publication, the source of this article (where it was retrieved), the hypothesis of the study, the independent variable and dependent variable, the experimental group and control group.

3. The summary of the article includes a synopsis and the summary (and the summary should follow this format with clearly labeled separate headings: Method (subjects, why the study, what the researcher did and how, etc), Results (what happened, including some simple statistics, and discussion (the author’s final discussion of whether the results supported the hypothesis and final conclusion)

4. A separate reference page (just list this one article in the APA format including everything that should be included in an entry of a reference list.

-2 pages in length (not counting cover and reference page)

-Size 12 font

-margins on all four sides one inch

-citations of references and punctuations should follow APA format

-Find the article in electronic databases like: PsycArticles, PsycInfo and Psychology Module ProQuest