summary journal entries and entries to work in progress

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E2-2 Stine Company uses a job order cost system. On May 1, the company has a balance in Work in Process Inventory of $3,500 and two jobs in process: Job No. 429 $2,000, and job no. 430 $1,500. During May, a summary of source documents reveals the following

                              Job Number             Materials                                       Labor

           Requisition Slips                      Time Tickets

429           $2,500                                           $1,900

430             3,500                                            3,000

431            4,400     $10,400                          7,600      $12,500

General use          ___  800                                             1,200 

                                $11,200                                         $13,700

Stine Company applies manufacturing overhead to jobs at an overhead rate of 60% of direct labor cost. Job No. 429 is completed during the month.


  1. Prepare summary journal entries to record (i) the requisition slips, (ii) the time tickets, (iii) the assignment of manufacturing overhead to jobs, and (iv) the completion of Job No. 429.

  2. Post the entries to Work in Process Inventory, and prove the agreement of the control account with the job cost sheets. (Use a T-account.)