Summary and 2 Questions

Part 1

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For this assignment you will read the pages of Michael Shermer’s book Why People Believe Weird Things from pages 125-172 as well as watch 2 videos about near death experiences and alien abduction, give a brief summary of all, so I can tell you have read and watched the material. Then, discuss how Shermer’s ideas relate to the ideas in the videos.I would like you to speculate on what Shermer would say about near death experiences and alien abduction.The initial summary should be 100 words

Part 2

2 Questions should be 100 words each

End your post with two thought provoking questions for your classmates to answer in their response posts. Each question should be 100 words each.Lastly, when thinking about questions to ask, try to craft questions that help your classmates think deeper about the material. Basically, I need thoughtful questions that challenge or engage the readings in meaningful ways.

Videos attached