Summarizing the Article

Help me to summarize this article with the following criteria: 

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Each assignment is expected to be approximately
two pages long, typed, double spaced, not including any exhibits that you might
want to include. Grades will be based on how well the writing is supported by your
insight, concepts and ideas learned in the course, and data/facts and other
substantiation. These assignments are due on the date noted on the syllabus for
the article selected.

In addition to briefly summarizing the
article and highlighting key points, the following are examples of areas that
could be explored:

is the relevance of the ideas presented to a service operation?

a service operations leader, would you commit resources to apply the
concepts/frameworks contained in the article to a service operation? Why/why
not? And if yes, how?

are the risks associated with these concepts? Are there alternatives?

execution of these positively/negatively impact the bottom line of the business
or be neutral? Would they strengthen your service operations competitive

important is this to customers/employees/management/other stakeholders?