Substance abuse

Biospychosocial Nature of Substance Abuse

Find a scholarly journal article (NOT just information posted on a website!) that relates to the biopsychosocial nature of substance use/abuse/misuse. Your article should be no more than 5 years old. Do not post a duplicate article. The SPC library has access to a number of professional journals that relate to this course! Check out the LibGuide for the HSA Program that is linked in the Resources folder.

SUGGESTION: post your article title and author in the Subject of a post early in the week as a placeholder so that you will not duplicate articles (duplicate articles/posts will not receive credit); edit the post when you have read the article. Note: your “placeholder” does not meet the Thursday deadline requirement.

Post a 8-10 sentence summary of what you learn from the article (i.e., main points), include the citation and a link to the article so that we all may read it. Attach the article to your post so that others may review and discuss in their peer posts. Note: do not simply look at the abstract and post some words that you see included there. Read the entire article and provide a solid summary/synthesis of the information in your post. Do not quote material from the article. I expect a well developed, scholarly post for both your initial posting and your responses to peers.