Student loan crisis, essay help

So for this assignment I need to write a research paper on the student loan crisis and how students are going into so much debt- ill attach a template with the instructions it is 7 paragraphs long- and must have 5 questions to address i already came up with the 5 to talk about so here it is pick whatever 5 you feel is the best and whats comfortable for you. Also a document showing the lm format example! if you need more info let me know

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first write the proposal ill provide a screenshot for this- this document is on its own its a different document its not all one 

Then we will turn that proposal into the actual paper and synthesize the info here is a screenshot providing more of an explaination – this is in a separate document regarding these instructions!

And finally we will edit polish proofread and publish don’t forget to include MLA format, if you mention like for example in the middle of a paragraph that 70% of students get into debt or something in the middle of the paragraph for each document put parenthesis and site the source using MLA format and when the paper is done on a spearer page include MLA  format again and show me the sources used. here is a screen shot- and this will be the last document to make it will be the final product but i need each step to be separate as i am submitting the proposal by itself for a graph and the 2nd step for a different grade etc!!

But wait now that we have completed all the paper work the last step is create a 5 slide multimedia presentation about the research topic

And thats pretty much it!