SQL Server 2012 Database Management

You work for Resultant Data Corporation, a large and well-respected database consulting firm. One of your clients, an international pharmaceutical company, has requested some assistance in creating a new database. The database will be used for tracking and managing the firm’s $8 billion research and development budget. Your client’s internal project team is under enormous pressure to deliver a substantial component of the database project by year-end. They have chosen to pursue an agile approach to managing the project, with four-week delivery cycles. The technical lead on the project is aware that this will require a series of incremental changes to the SQL Server 2012 database in order to support the application and is, subsequently, concerned that the database may quickly become unmanageable. Write a response that explains how you might incorporate one or more of the following elements to address his concerns:
Role and schema objects
Naming conventions
Data types
Please ensure you use SQL Server 2012 concepts and tools when answering this question.

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