Someone can help me with this Project?

In order to participate in this discussion, you have to have watched the movie, “Tough Guise 2” (link is posted in the module).

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In this discussion, as a group, create a flyer that illustrates the idea and examples of Tough Guise, and its possible harmful effects on male and female members of society. Keep in mind that the purpose of this flyer is to raise the awareness of people regarding the negative effects of gender norms, such as Tough Guise.

The webpage has to contain all the following information:

1) At least three examples of Tough Guise either in movies, TV shows, professional sports, music, or other sources of popular culture. Find unique three examples that are not mentioned in the movie. Include images. Three different examples one can be movies, other tv shows, and the last one music.

2) How may these examples of Tough Guise be affecting society? How do they influence our view on how we see the ideal manhood? How does it influence the way women see their positions in society? How may it be negatively affecting our relationship with people around us? This section must summarize all the three examples you provided to question #1. Be persuasive!!

3) Connect Tough Guise with “Fraternity and Collegiate Rape Culture” article. This article discusses “campus rape culture” that perpetuates rape. How is campus rape culture supported by Tough Guise as a cultural norm?

Here is the movie:…

you need to click on download


I do not need a lot of wording. It needs to be persuasive and show analysis. Like 150 to 180 words for each question.