some way to resocialize people

Search online to locate a program that aims in some way to resocialize people from some total or near-total institution, back into conventional community and society.

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Paragraph 1

  • Make a heading for this section: The Program: Description, History, Goals
  • Name of Program and website link
  • How is the program described?
  • What is its history?
  • What are its goals?

Paragraph 2

  • Make a heading for this section: Resocialization Activities and Outcomes
  • Describe how this program works. What do participants in the program do to readjust to conventional society?
  • If the organization provides any data on their outcomes or success rates with its goals, please include it here. If there is no outcomes information on the site, just state that.

Paragraph 3, 4, 5…

  • Make a heading for this section: Program Assessment and New Ideas Based on Current Research.
  • In essay/paragraph form, take your knowledge from reading the articles in D2L on your topic and compare it to what this organization is doing.
    • Is your program relying on strategies that the current research shows to be ineffective?
    • Are they using what you think are effective strategies or processes?
    • What would you add, delete, or change about the program you chose to study?

Works Cited page

  • Use the American Psychological Association Style Guide for in-text citations and the Works Cited list at the end. The Works Cited list is not part of your 3 pages, it is in addition to the 3-page paper and goes last.
  • At least 5 sources total. At least 3 of these should be academic journal articles, such as the ones under the Content tab.
  • Feel free to use articles found in some weeks under the Content tab of this course if they will be helpful to you. Also, do your own online library searches.

General Specifications

  • A paper of at least 3 pages.
  • No name or cover sheet needed
  • 12-point font, Calibri is preferred
  • Double spaced
  • One-inch margins all around
  • Number the pages