software Engineering reasearch

Question 2 (as
many words as needed but be detailed in your response):

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What are the
issues both technical and non-technical that have been faced by your
team? What has the response been? What has been your opinion so far
about the value of communication in the software engineering process? Communication was issue, Write an opinion and technical and non-technical. (use ur own words)

Question 3 (500

Describe in your
own words the four main activities of the Requirements engineering
process. Describe each activity, providing detailed explanations,
examples, and a listing of the benefits normally associated. I am
also looking for your opinion on each of the four

Question 4 (500

Research three
requirements gathering tools and write about your findings in
your own words. I’m looking for not only a technical description of
the tools but also your opinion. You may use examples from the
text book or elsewhere . …as it goes for questions 3 & 4 use the attached file to research them