Sociology Question

this is more about revise the previous essay as I failed in the first time. I have wrote 4000 words, some of them could use, but some of them could not use as it was not right way to do.

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1. could you have a look on feedback to revise the problems carefully and accordingly. and see the examples, to re-write and re-construct the essay form the beginning. there are to some extent, you need to rewrite 4000 words.

choose an analytical approach that best suits the question, theme or theory that you want to address, and what you would like to achieve with this data (e.g. thematic analysis, discourse analysis, or narrative analysis). Use NVivo to support your chosen analytical approach and explain the reasons for the analytical categories and focus you adopt, drawing on relevant sociological literature. The assessment must include a discussion of this literature and set out the theoretical background which supports your analysis.

You are expected to write a 4000 word research report which should contain:

Introduction: a discussion of the study and relevant theory/background detail

Methodology: an account of the analytic process and justification for the approach adopted, which should be linked to a discussion of how you incorporated NVivo. You should also explain the sample of documents included in the study. There should also be a discussion of any issues raised by carrying out secondary analysis of this data.

Findings: presentation of the analysis carried out. This should include quotations or data from the study. You should also include your interpretation of the findings here.

Conclusion: summarise and critically reflect on the analysis you have carried out. References: list all of the sources used within the report.

Appendix You should include some evidence of your use of NVivo, e.g. a list of the nodes used as part of your analysis with descriptions explaining each node, any diagrams, memos, or other pertinent information from NVivo that showcases your work. Please note that materials incorporated into the Appendix do not constitute part of the word length.