sociology essay 73

This week, you will be completing the Spent assignment. This will require you to take play an interactive game online and write a brief reaction focusing on several sociological concepts. You can access Spent via the following website: You must play one “month” of the game prior to completing this assignment.You also should view the video on wealth inequality and read chapter 8 of your textbook prior to completing this assignment, as these materials are necessary to the completion of this assignment.

The following terms are important for you to understand to complete this assignment:

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•Social mobility—the movement of individuals or groups from one level in a stratification system to another

•Social stratification—the hierarchical arrangement of large social groups based on their control of basic resources

•Socioeconomic status—a combined measure that attempts to classify individuals, families, or households in terms of factors such as income, occupation, and education to determine class location

•Wealth—the value of all of a person’s or family’s economic assets, including income, personal property, and income-producing property

Instructions: Play one “month”(this should make sense once you begin the game) of Spent. After playing the game, write a 2-page reflection, which includes the following four components:

1)Briefly summarize what happened during the Spent game.

2)Based upon your experience playing Spent, discuss how a person’s socioeconomic status may impact their opportunities for social mobility.Be sure to use examples to illustrate your point.

3)Discuss the extent to which the outcome of the game can be explained by wealth inequality (as discussed in the video you watched).

4)Choose any concept from chapter 8 of your textbook and incorporate it into your reflection.