Socio cultural anthropology

500 words

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The Question: Socio-cultural anthropology is one of four sub-disciplines in the general field of anthropology.
Participant observation and the ethnographic method make the study of socio-cultural anthropology different from
other social sciences. In this essay, explain what socio-cultural anthropology is, then explain “participantobservation”
and the “ethnographic method.” Describe how socio-cultural anthropologists use both. Finally, give an example of a setting
or business that you think would benefit from an ethnographic study. Explain how an ethnographer might go about
studying the situation and explain the results you hope to get.

I prefer that you have NO (zero, zilch, none) quotes in your essay. Paraphrase
articles instead. Then cite article, book, video, or lecture to show where you got your information. You should have
two or three citations in each paragraph in the body of your essay