Social Work

Total Points: 10

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April 9/Chapter 9: Identifying and preventing Abuse & Neglect of Older Adults

Instructions: Provide a 1-2 page discussion about the content below. The assignment is prepared in a narrative/essay format. (See instructions below about headings). Watch the following video Elder Abuse-Learn the Signs and Break the Silence:

The content should include the following:

  • Discuss reasons as to why some older adults abused? What is the role of the social worker in reporting elder abuse, neglect, or exploitation? Be specific. (1-2 paragraphs).
  • Discuss/Explain three interventions that are used to prevent abuse or neglect of older adults. Identify one agency in the state of Georgia that provides services to abused older adults. Be specific, provide examples. You may use a governmental /educational website on the reference page. Also identify the source in your paper (i.e., the name of the agency, etc.)(1-2 paragraphs)
  • No abstract is required; use appropriate headings for the assignment; use appropriate paragraph format and indentations. In your writing incorporate the language of the assignment. A cover page is required with submission. Points will be deducted for exceeding page length. Points will be deducted for late assignments and improper use of APA.