Slide Presentation with Notes – How does 3D Ocean Farming help the environment?

You are a representative of GreenWave, ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. You’ve been invited to make a GreenTalk presentation to a group of San Jose State Engineering students.

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Your topic is 3D Ocean Farming and how it can help the environment. The company claims on its website that it is working to mitigate climate change.

Prepare a 10-15 slide presentation, keeping in mind that your audience is a group of student engineers who may not have any prior knowledge of your topic. Your goals include giving the students basic information about the company and ocean farming, and how it helps the environment. You’d even like to get the students interested enough to partner with the company to do some ocean farming projects.

You will not have to present in class, but use the “Notes” function of PowerPoint to describe the information on your slides. The GreenWave website has tons of background information.

Post this presentation on Canvas.