six questions

Just needing six questions answered no word count but the answers must be strictly related to questions.

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1. Considering the values, mission, goals, and culture at your organization (or an organization with which you are familiar), how are your organizational activities aligned to meet the needs of your customers while also achieving the goals of your organization? Referring to the chapter concepts related to strategy in visionary organizations, what recommendations can you offer to align your organizational strategy to customer needs at a profit to the organization?

2. Identify 1 to 2 ways Angie Hicks has continued to stick to her original plan even with the continued growth and success of her company.

3. Why do only one third of UK companies achieve strategic success?

4.consider what role the stakeholders played in establishing the organizations goals in Angie Hicks company(Angie’s List)

5. What does market planning have to do with swot analysis?

6. How does strategic management work in every day business operations?