Situation Analysis, check the upload before making bid

What is the Situation Analysis?

Very simply, the Situation Analysis walks you through the skills you need to analyze the market (or situation) in Capstone.

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You will learn about:

  • Customer segments, the Perceptual Map and Ideal Spots
  • The growth rates and how to calculate total demand
  • Plant capacity and automation levels
  • Unit margins and how to calculate how much each unit costs to make
  • Customer buying preferences and how to meet customer needs with your products

The Capstone Courier and the Industry Conditions Report contain all the information you need to complete the activities. You will be working with the reports from Round 0, when all companies are equal.

Click the links below to access these essential reports so you can reference them as you work through the Situation Analysis. We recommend you print these out for ease.

A downloadable, “pen and paper” version of the Situation Analysis is available here: PDF Version

Perceptual Map – Information

What is the Perceptual Map?

The perceptual map is a visual representation of the five different customer segments based on how specialized these customers want their product to be.

For example, some customers want higher performance and smaller size than other customers, so they are grouped in a segment called the ‘High End’. Other customers don’t mind about the size but want really good performance, so they are grouped in a segment called ‘Performance’, and so on.

Just like in real life, over time all customers’ expectations move toward better products, which in the simulation means smaller and higher performance.

The animation below shows the moving expectations of customers, called ‘Segment Drift’:

For a deeper look into the Perceptual Map click here to view a description in the online guide.

For more details about the drift rates in the perceptual map, please refer to the section titled ‘Drift Rates’ in the Industry Conditions Report.

How can I use the Perceptual Map?

The Research & Development Department can use the Perceptual Map exercise to plan revision and invention projects that meet customers shifting size and performance expectations.

The Marketing Department can use the results during forecasting as they compare competing products and when determining prices (in general, better positioned products can command higher prices).

The Round 0 Capstone Courier
This Industry Conditions Report

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