simple math project design

Writing instruction:

1. (5 points) Choose a population larger than 100 individuals and a quantitative variable. Clearly state your choices in a few sentences.

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2. (20 points) Collect a sample of 20 − 30 individuals from your population. Give a detailed description of your sampling method in one to two paragraphs and compare your sampling method with the simple random sampling method.

3. (20 points) Describe any biases your sampling method might have in one to three paragraphs.

4. (20 points) Compute the mean, standard deviation, and five number summary for your data. Briefly describe your work (used some specific function on a calculator, used some function in Excel, etc.) and write down your data.

5. (10 points) Make a histogram of your data.

6. (15 points) Describe your data’s shape, center, and variability in one paragraph.

7. (10 points) Do you have good reason to believe the variable is approximately normally distributed within your population? Justify your answer with one paragraph.