Should children be required to read children’s literature written before 1950? W

*Should children be required to read children’s literature written before 1950? Why or why not?*

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Prepare a detailed outline. Include in the outline every fact or quote you want to use in your essay. Also note the sources of the information you use at the bottom of the outline. 

please address the points a., b., and c. below. Under these points I’ve written questions to show you what kind of evidence I’ll be looking for to support your answers to each of the questions:

a. How does children’s literature written before 1950 differ from children’s literature written after 1950?  Provide examples from the sources identified in the following questions:

  • What differences did you learn about from reading the history of children’s literature?
  • What differences can you describe based on the books/stories written before 1950 that you read as a child?
  • What differences did you find in the paired versions of stories you and your group members read?

b. What criteria do you believe should be used to select or recommend books for children? Why?

c. Do books or stories written before 1950 meet those criteria? Provide specific examples from children’s literature to support your answer.  Use all of the sources listed in the questions below.

  • Did the books written before 1950 that you read as a child meet those criteria?
  • Did the book you read to the child you identified meet those criteria?

Identify the books or stories you discuss, the sources of information you use.

**I will be using this outline to write an argumentative essay later on.