Short writing

this activity you should think about one of your closest relationships,
focusing on an uncomfortable interactions you had with that person
(perhaps a conflict, or a time when you misunderstood what that person
was saying). Provide a brief description of the situation (1 – 2
sentences) then answer the following questions about that interaction:

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  1. What
    assumptions did you make or misconceptions (discussed in this module)
    did you fall victim to in this interaction? Be specific and support
    your answer.
  2. What
    happened because of your assumptions/misconceptions? What did you say?
    How did this positively or negatively impact the situation?
  3. How
    did your relational partner respond? How did their response impact your
    understanding of the situation and how you reacted/communicated later
    in the interaction? Format: FSWs must be typed, double – spaced, with one-inch margins in a twelve-point, Times New Roman font. APA (American Psychological Association) style must be used to cite the text and any supplemental
    research resources. Basic guidelines for this style are available on Blackboard. PLEASE NOTE: Only .doc and
    .docx file formats will be accepted.
    Length: these are focused writings; no introduction or conclusion paragraphs are needed.
    Instead, your FSW should contain 2 – 3 paragraphs that will include a conscientious, detailed response. Each
    FSW should begin with a Title Page and include a properly formatted header (see below).
    Writing: Although these assignments are brief and less formal than the longer, research supported paper in this
    course, you are still expected to submit college level writing. You will