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Please choose from one of the 3 questions listed below. This is an essay question so please be sure it is an respectable length and follow standard college guideline and requirements. You need to use AT LEAST 2 sources please be sure all your sources are cited using APA style formatting.

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1. Segregation was a key component of the Jim Crow era but different people remember this in different ways. While some individuals chose to stay away from whites others greatly felt the pain of being separated. By using your textbook, discuss the tangible versus intangible factors of segregations. For instance, how did this institution physically or financially affect an individual versus any psychological factors.

2. While the South has been stigmatized because of its connection to the Jim Crow era the North has been spared of this negative connotation. By using your textbook and the narratives, further discuss the Northern relationship with race relations. Was it better? Worse? Or Just different?

3. This is not a question, but rather a short assignment (if you chose it) choose at least one of the two narratives and match it to a historical source (out of context). NO, you do not need to find an actual source on the individual but rather a part of their story that echoes the content of any source dealing with slavery. BONUS, If you choose this topic you may also use your textbook as the source, but BE SURE to include the page numbers from our textbook.