Service Quality

Dear writer, I have an assignment related to service
quality. You need to answer the question with good arguments.

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You are required to analyze ONE online organization
which well-known internationally and provides an excellent service. The organization
is chosen based on service encounter you had this semester.

The assignment has 3 parts:


You should explain about what specific circumstances/situations
led to this service encounter &what
the organization/staff said or did to youas
a customer? (The answer could be 3-5 lines)

Part ( this part
has the highest mark – please provide more effort on it)

You should provide three most critical actions management appears
to have taken so asto have delivered
such good services.

Your analysis and solutions should relate and link to the textbook/theories and issues we have discussed in
class.You should demonstrate your
understanding and knowledge of service
marketing/management concepts by discussing and adopting theoretical concepts covered in the lectures and the textbook
in your analysis..


You should discuss your personal insights. This part should discuss what you learned from this experience and what you have learned from this assignment that will assist you be a better manager/supervisor.(The answer could be bullet points)