Select and discuss the meaning of one of the metaphoric statements-


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Kirszner & Mandell, Portable Literature: Reading, Reacting, Writing, 9th edition (updated MLA edition is the same)

Shelley, Frankenstein (Dover edition recommended)

Select and discuss the meaning of ONE of the metaphoric statements–Poetry is the language of the heart; Poetry is the fragrance of a forgotten rose; Poetry is the synonym for the soul. Then, EXPLAIN HOW the metaphoric statement selected is reflective in one of the poems read or another selection in your textbook. In other words, you want to explain the meaning of the poem based on the metaphoric statement and identify any poetic terms used. DO NOT SUMMARIZE the poem.

Any use of outside resources for analysis or evidence of plagiarism in this post will result in a zero.

Reminder: Individual posting is only 1/2 the grade. The posting should be about 350 words, show some fresh ideas you have on the topic, and also incorporate documented quotations from the reading.Your two (2) replies should be no fewer than 100 words and also add to the discussion with new ideas, different examples, additional quotations from the text for support and illustration.

And be sure to edit/proofread before you submit