See memo below please do a business memo (not a research paper) include Maryland Case Search information

MNGT 140- Business Law I

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INDIVIDUAL WRITING PROJECT (50 points) Please prepare an inter-office Research Memorandum, including outline and draft on the following scenario.

Facts: Our client, Mars Grocery Store, Inc. is being sued for negligence/premise liability by Sally Thompson, a store patron.Ms. Thompson went to Mars on December 4, 2017 to purchase groceries.While she was in the produce section of the store, Ms. Thompson slipped in a puddle of water that was on the floor and fell.Another patron in the store at the time, Debra Smith, came to help Ms. Thompson.Ms. Smith reportedly stated to our client that she told a store employee about 10 minutes before the fall that there was a large puddle of water on the floor in the produce section.The employee, named John, told Ms. Smith that he would clean it up right away.The employee was coming back with a bucket and mop right as Ms. Thompson fell.Ms. Thompson sustained a broken ankle as a result of the fall.

Please research Mars’ liability to Ms. Thompson for her injuries under a theory of negligence/premise liability under Maryland law, include in your memo any potential defenses of the store against Ms. Thompson’s claim.

Prepare a Memorandum of your findings (5 pages MAX double spaced).You must use at least 3 authorities (cases) in your Memorandum.

Your memo should be addressed to me as your instructor and have proper grammar, correct memo format, correct spelling, sentence structure, and citations.

Your final Memo must include the following sections (40 points):

Issue (2 pts)

Brief Answer to the Issue (2 pts)

Restatement of Facts (1 pts)

Analysis of Ms. Thompson’s claim and any store defenses (25 pts)

Conclusion (2 pts)

Citations, grammar, spelling, memo format and use of minimum number of authorities (8 pts).

I would like this written as a business memo and not a research paper. You also need to conduct research on Maryland case law.

Do not submit as a research paper but send as a business memo. Make sure to include information from Maryland Case Search