Security Risk Management and the Security of the Homeland Paper and Presentation

Throughout the years, changing paradigms have affected security risk management. There are twelve criteria that have been identified during this course relating to terrorism and other threats.


Write a 900-1100 word paper in which you explain these changing paradigms according to each criterion.

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The following is a list of the twelve criteria to include in your paper: 

  • Security governance arrangements
  • Security planning arrangements
  • Security response arrangements
  • Communication arrangements
  • Conclusion
  • Use acedemic journals to support your arguments.  A MINIMUM of five (5) peer reviewed resources PER TEAM MEMBER are required.

Conclude the paper with your collective thoughts as to the future of homeland security and security risk management.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


Illustrate your paper with a 5-slide Microsoft(r) PowerPoint(r) presentation with detailed speaker notes. Use complete sentences, with correct grammar and punctuation, to fully explain each slide as if you were giving an in-person presentation.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.