Scrapbook Summary

Hi I did before a scrapbook before in my class. So I need you write a summary about scrapbook. I will put you an requirements. Then I will upload the scrapbook for you.

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This is a requirement how to do it. I need you do about 4 pages and I need refrence.

Treasure Chest Scrapbook Assignment – Part 2

This assignment is a two part assignment. Part 2 of your assignment will include a College Research paper in proper APA format that addresses:
– The benefits of your career choice for you personally
– The best and worst characteristics of your Career choice.
– The feasibility and what will you have to do on your journey to your Career.
– Compare and contrast your Career characteristics with the characteristics of the other possible careers you may be interested in exploring. Be prepared to respond to questions regarding your work either in class, or in online discussion. Your paper should be a total of 5 pages including the Cover page, 3-Content pages and a Citation Reference page.