Scenario video

Scenario: Workplace Ethics

Management has asked you to make a formal presentation to your team in which you discuss a potential ethical dilemma in your workplace. Consider an appropriate professional code of conduct, but only to the extent that it might offer useful guidance. Your key task is to help everyone work together productively to resolve the tricky issues that may arise when people disagree about ethics.

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For this assignment, you will create an audio-visual presentation that applies a professional code of ethics. Submit your work as a narrated visual presentation. You may develop a series of annotated PowerPoint slides, for example, using Kaltura to record the audio portion of your work. If you are more familiar with other presentation software, you may use that, so long as your submission satisfies all of the required elements of the assignment.

Assignment Instructions

  1. Apply a professional code of ethics to this workplace situation.
  2. Assess the advantages and disadvantages of the selected professional code of ethics.
  3. Explain methods for resolving ethical disagreements productively.
  4. Describe areas of one’s personal disagreement with professional standards.
  5. Create an audio-visual presentation that applies a professional code of ethics to a workplace situation.

Note: Include in your presentation slides or annotations a full APA-style citation of any quotations or paraphrases from the professional code or other sources you choose to employ.