satire essay on any topic

Assignment for Essay Four

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The Satire

Task: Now that we have read and discussed “A Modest Proposal” and “How to Raise a Pimp” and have discussed the elements of a satire, your assignment is to write a satire. You may write about an issue of your own choosing, or you may choose an issue that is listed in the textbook on page 247. Warning: This task is tougher than it appears to be. Remember, your job is to write a satire, not to be a comedian.

Since you have written so much already this semester and since you are—or should be—writing a research paper, I will allow you to write a four paragraph satire. The first paragraph will be your introduction, and the final sentence of your introduction should be your stated claim. The body, or two supporting paragraphs, will be the two points that support your stated claim. Finally, your last paragraph will be your conclusion. Remember: do not—at any point during your satire—reveal your true feelings on the subject you are discussing. In other words, many times, students will begin writing a satire; however, in the final paragraph, they state something like, “Now I will tell you how I really feel about the subject matter.” Don’t do that. The satire must remain a satire from beginning to end. Notice that at no point in “A Modest Proposal” or “How to Raise a Pimp” did the authors state their true feelings on the subjects they were discussing. Their true feelings were meant to be inferred by the readers.

***attached you will find some topics (or you can choose any topic); and there will be some helpful hints as well.

***please follow the prompt