Salary differences between races in professional sports past 5 decades


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-To articulate a research problem and theorize its significance

-To synthesize the information you already have and form a plan for further research.

-To engage with writing as thinking.





Research Proposal research problem.

Write a brief research proposal refining your research question into a

Again, the key word is brief. Following the structure below, write one polished paragraph for each section of your proposal. For our purposes, no formal citations are necessary . We will dig into complete citations for the annotated bibliography.

Refer back to chapter 4 in The Craft of Research (and maybe even chapter 3) and work your way through the step by step process outlined there for developing a research problem. Then work through the steps of your research proposal. Don’t procrastinate! The most useful thing you can do in completing this assignment is give yourself plenty of time to think it through.

  • Introduction
    • ○ Provide a bridge for the reader into your paper.
    • ○ Add context, and provide an overview of what’s to come in the proposal.
  • Background and Significance
    • ○ State your research problem and its significance (the “so what?” questions).
    • ○ Define the scope of your research.
  • Literature Review
    • ○ Use the sources we’ve encountered in class so far to explain what you know about your topic up to this
    • ○ Use the five C’s to engage with existing sources.
  • Research Design and Methods
    • ○ Explain how you plan to research this topic, what types of sources you anticipate needing and why.
    • ○ Confront any problems you may encounter in the research process.
  • Conclusion and Implications


○ Restate your research problem and consider its broader implications.

Your research proposal will be graded on the following criteria:

  • ● Quality of Research Problem: 25 points
  • ● Comprehensiveness of Literature Review: 25 points
  • ● Thoughtfulness and Achievability of Research Plan: 25 points
  • ● Issues of Craft (Intro, Synthesis, Mechanics, Conclusion): 25 points

As always, basic mechanical errors like typos and spelling mistakes will reduce your final grade by one point each.