rough draft on a persuasive speech

First Steps:

In preparation for this assignment, complete the following activities

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Assignment Directions:

This assignment asks you to submit a rough draft of your Persuasive Speech outline thus far. In a word processing document:

  • List your specific purpose statement at the top of your outline.
  • Next, write out as much of your sentence outline as you have done (you should include something for each section: intro, body, conclusion).
    • Include an introduction that includes all the elements of an effective introduction for a persuasive speech.
    • Next add your 2-5 main points. Remember to make each main point a complete sentence and to make your main points parallel to each other. See textbook for information on how to write outlines.
    • Add in your sub-points (A, B, etc.) for each main point. The more information you provide the better feedback I can give you (i.e. sub-sub-points). Make sure the sub-points are in complete sentences as well.
    • Add a conclusion that includes both a summary of key points and a call to action.
  • Make sure you spell check and proofread your assignment
  • Remember to spell check and proofread your assignment