Roles of the President and Evolution of Presidential Powers Multimedia Presentation

Create a multimedia presentation of 8 to 10 content slides on the roles of the President and the evolution of presidential power. Address the following in your multimedia presentation:
• Describe the evolution of presidential power
• The powers and roles granted by the U.S. Constitution to the President
• The checks and balances the President has vis-à-vis the U.S. Congress and the Judiciary
Include photos, illustrations, videos, or audio clips, as appropriate. Document the source of each media item you include in your presentation.
Note: A content slide does not include the presentation’s title slide and any slide(s) containing references.
Format your references consistent with APA guidelines. Include any citations in the speaker notes.
Submit your presentation using the Assignment Files tab.
• Provide detailed speaker notes for each content slide in the presentation file or in a separate Word document

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