Role and ethics

i dont have the book. So please do the best that you can do. I attached some materials that may help u with this assignment.

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This module focuses on the role that ethics and morality play in the public sector. After reading Chapter 7, write an initial post in which you address the following:

You have announced that you are running for the state house of representatives (for whichever party you choose). The party’s campaign coordinator gives you talking points to use during an upcoming debate regarding the other party’s candidate, and they include allegations of an affair. This information has not been made public. You are told by the campaign coordinator that the information is from a “reliable source.” What do you do? Explain your response using the key concepts outlined in Chapter 7 and your personal moral perspective.

Respond to at least two of your peers by taking the opposite stance. Outline points that differ from your initial post.

Refer to the Discussion Rubric for directions on completing this discussion